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#34627 - I went downstairs to set up a waiting area for my brothel, I could hear John moaning with pleasure upstairs, Sarah seemed to have a knack for sucking cock, ‘no doubt many of my friends will confirm that’ I thought as I heard a knock on the front door, it was Rowan, he had bought the alcohol (we were going to make some money from tonight), “ what kept you?” I asked as he stepped in the door, “ I was on my way back with the drink when I noticed the sex shop was still open, I went in to get some accessories” he said smiling as he handed me a bag, I looked in and saw some lubricant, a studded dildo, a riding crop, steel handcuffs, some black crotch-less panties with garters and fish-net stockings and something that looked like a really large condom, “ so what’s this?” I said pulling out the rubber, “ well it’s not a condom” said Rowan amused “ It’s a dress!”, “she’s going to look like a real slut in this outfit, I can’t wait” I said (eager to see the expression on my little sisters face wh

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