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#339402 - My mom, Sharon, and my sister, Kim, were both good to me though, ever since dad walked out on us, both of them made sure to look after me and to make sure I lived a rather masculine lifestyle, infact my mom insisted that I joined the wrestling team and not the swim team, not that I really complained, after my dad walked out, I needed an outlet for some anger and wrestling helped with that. Shit Max, you were like a fire hose Kim panted, she then took the cum on the corners of her mouth with her finger and licked it off, Tasty though she smiled That was incredible Kim I panted We're not done yet lil' bro Kim kissed me then stood up so her pussy was in my face, Care to return the favor? She didn't have to ask twice I rammed my face in there and penitrated her with my tongue, and licked her delcious cunt, with a her moans as a sign of gratitude, I fingered her pussy and found her clit and started to nibble it, making her yelp in pleasure. There I

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