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#257762 - Kyle had added another finger now and he was moaning abit harder his cock dribbling precum from the head to his stomach but as good as it felt he pulled his fingers out and started jacking himself off again. Kyle froze his every action as he heard his name call and he looked up to the window seeing Zack standing there a smirk on his face, looked back to the computer screen which showed two men, one on his knees infront the other giving head and he shut down the computer quickly and got up. his head dropped back abit while he was moaning abit harder from being jacked off and sucked again, he was pulsing in Zack's mouth and he knew Zack could feel it too because he could feel his friend's mouth and hand withdrawing from his shaft but before her could he grabbed his head and pushed it down emptying his balls down his throat in a low groan, he squirted 3 more times after that before releasing Zack's head.

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