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#317394 - Wait- I said- I can get more money-with that she turned around and headed my way, she opened her robe and got closer, she got very close to me, I started to touch her, I touched her breasts, here nipples were hard , the first breast I had ever touched, she guided my hand towards her pussy, and I put my finger in her, it was a little bit dry at first and then as I started to put in and out she started to get wet, she stopped and took a step back, with her robe still open, she grabbed me by the jeans and pulled me closer to her, she started to unbutton my jeans and put her hand inside my pants, I was hard as rock, she pulled my dick out and stroke it a little bit, I was very aroused, nervous, anxious, you name it – Kelly got close to my ear, while stroking my cock- and whispered –I’m going to give you a little free sample because I like you, when you get some money come back- with that she got down on her knees opened her mouth and started to suck my cock, I closed my eyes and leaned bac

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