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#348573 - The fun is not quite over as Both CJ and I have agreed on another little item and that is, she really is going to get a small tattoo!. He then goes on to say that he is going to chain her to the urinal in the back bathroom and that he and all his perverted friends are going to make her squeal like a stuck helpless little pig! This is followed by grabbing her hand and almost dragging her into their restroom! Once she is in the room tells her to stand up on her toes, and then again followed by him saying faster as he watches the buns of her bottom giggle up and down in the most provocative and nasty way! OMG, for Diane this place is exactly what her dark fantasy has been about it is everything that the men's room it the restaurant is not. Diane is sore tired and for some reason very thirsty.

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Lol the post cum accent is great
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Arata sagimori
That was an amazing fuck