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#326283 - She soaked my cock between her legs, and the bed below, and reached down her hands to struggle to get to, to find what she wanted now: my prick. But, when I email or telephone Yen, how can I ever explain my feelings, explain how beautiful that was?” “Ping, a woman should keep those feelings as her own; I truly hope you are happy, and if you really must talk to Yen about it, can I suggest you say something like: ‘Yen, now I know what you meant and I agree’. ” Once at home, with Ping’s bike parked in my courtyard, I settled at the table to do some work I had from the office, gave Ping directions upstairs to the bathroom, where to find towels and told her there was still some of Yen’s shampoo and conditioner which might suit her, and off she trotted.

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