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#255429 - ” Becky said Holding her down he pulls her head back by her hair, and takes his cock from her mouth, “Do you like the way Becky is fucking your little pussy with her vibrator??” He demanded, staring down at her! Her whole body is trembling with fear and her desire for more; she looks up at him, “Oh yes!! “ She moans softly… Oh yes what?? He demands! She feels the vibrator push deeper into her and gasps. “This is your last chance little girl! Do you want more? Do you want to suck my cock and have Becky fuck your hot little pussy with her toy??” He smiles down at her. 16 slut Yesterday she had turned 16!! Jenny had gone to a party with her cousin Becky last night; Becky was 23, and a bit of a slut!! As Jenny found out.

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