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#315456 - I tried to persuade her to get him to come to our house where I could hide and watch, she tried but he wouldn’t do her any where except at the restaurant, he was too worried about being caught out with his wife, or so he said, so I had to accept all the juicy details about what would happen in their adventures. Well in she strolled about 1am, drunk and giggly Kym had walked her to the door as she was a bit unstable due to the drink, we plonked her on the sofa and then I let Kym out and raced back to Alison, she just wanted to go to sleep but I wouldn’t let her, and finally over a cup of coffee got the story out of her: As soon as they had got there Chris the owner was all over her and spent most of the night chatting her up and trying to per sway her upstairs at the end of the night.

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Takashi takeda
Hi babes give your number please
Ikki tenryou
In the thumbnail she has 2 assholes lol