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#154209 - She’s 16 years old with the body of a 25 year old perfect 26 c breasts and a ass you could bounce a quarter off of , perfect 10 in every way , just like her mother , who I happened to be engaged to . My god I said , what the fuck are you trying to prove ? That you’re a slut or something or a bitch in heat ? She just smiled and said I know you want to fuck me , but you cant because my mom would kill you , then she stood up and started to walk away when I grabbed her arm and pulled on top of my lap and forced my hand between her legs and started to finger fuck the shit out of her , she immediately began to moan and grind her hips to my protruding fingers . I watched the whole time as she walked over to the pools edge and dove in , my god I was thinking that girl is gonna be the death of me .

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