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#284339 -   I slowed down as I reached the door and left the bag next to the door to give to the family later, I entered the room to reveal Tenzin seated at the head of the table infront of me with Daimo on his right and Korra on his left with his family seated further down Raiden! exclaimeD Jinora meelo and Ikki simultaneously as they sprang up and ran into my arms, chuckling I replied Hello you three it's been a while hasn't it! as I dropped to one knee so as to be at eye level with them We missed you Uncle Raiden! said Jinora excitedly Yeah yeah yeah! responded Meelo energetically as Korra, Tenzin and Pema looked on and smiled Did you get us any presents? Did you! Did you! asked Ikki in a rushed tone Of course I did Ikki, I will always have a present for the three of you each time I see you!, they all smiled and Jinora asked Can we have them now please? I smiled at her and replied kindly I'm sorry but you all must finish your mea

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