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#293502 - “Hey that doesn’t grow back! So you wanna play hardball okay so can I!” Clashing and smashing my blades against her’s was exhilarating. “If it ever came down to it would you kill Trixie?” I paused at the sink and turned to face her running my right hand over my face I sighed. “Enough of this” and Han kneed the Gorbach in it’s groin hard it fell to the cold rock floor panting and coughing up blood, then Han picked up the long sword, brought it up and looked at his combatant and felt an urge to kill it but he fought that urge and threw the sword down and extending a hand down to it he said “Here let me help you to your feet” the Gorbach was reluctant at first unsure whether it was a trick or a genuine peace offer then he took the offer and together the both of them helped each other walk out of the arena and up to the booth above the arena.

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