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#380077 - Kathy asks me ”since last summer, has any girls sucked your cock the way i did? Or have u even had sex yet?” Holly Fuck!!! putting me on the spot (I think I spit out a bit of my drink) the way she asked was very intimidating but like I said, I think they were getting off on the whole thing. Both girls came right away and sat on each side of me taking turns feeling how hard my cock was and rubbing my cum over my cock, trying to be soft but I told them it was not sensitive and I can cum again. A few minutes later, the friend came out and sat on the other couch and had a drink in her hand and decided to fuck with me a bit by bringing the topic up.

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Banri tada
I just came the same moment you did love your curvy body wish i could lick you till you cum in my mouth
Yuuto kidou
She has a nice body omg