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#181907 - While he dearly loved the way his wife performed oral sex on him, there was nothing in the world quite like a cock hungry white bitch to get his juices really flowing! And what made it even better was that there was definitely a hint of danger in the air what with both of their spouses in the just down the hall in the ball room! It was plain from the moment she took him inside that she would suck him to completion, but just to tease her a little he scolded, “You’re not doing nearly a good enough job, I’m sorry but that’s all for you!!!” A look of absolute panic crossed her face as she gripped his shaft tighter while throwing her lips and tongue into overdrive! With his legs buckling under the oral assault, he held on to the wall of the stall as a vocano of hot white jizz blasted into the back of Kimberly Hoff’s throat! “Oh mannnnnnn!” Hannibal Jackson sighed while leaning heavily against the wall.

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