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#94551 - As I was filling her with cum she said that our two daughters knew about it too and that was why the lawn never grew. There was no way to really excite her much and she really was expecting it to hurt so I decided to just go through with it. I said, “Well you were the top bidder on the lawn mower until you chickened out! I was expecting to see you naked riding it! Now I want to see you naked! I know you are having your period and I don’t care! I always make love to your mother when she is bleeding! That’s when she is the horniest! Now undress!” I really expected a big fight but instead Mary Ann got up and started undressing when she asked, “I suppose that Ginger stripped and got on the mower!” I said, “Yes she did and I watched her put the golf ball against her clit and drive off giving herself orgasms left and right!” Mary Ann said, “That little slut!” and she continued to undress for me.

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Cecile croomy
Damn this girl looks like so much fun
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Whoa very hot more like this please