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#358590 - “Do it Lee… fill me soo much!!” Stacey shouted as she felt him thrust as deep as he could get into her. Reaching up Lee grabbed Stacey’s head and pulled her down to him, kissing her hard as she fucked him, her ass hitting his thighs hard as the tight, wet pussy between her thighs took his cock deep, Stacey would hold him there for a second letting it throb inside before making another thrust leaving half his now wet and shiny cock exposed before letting it slide back inside hard. April was near the bottom of the bed as she reached down and began to rub her own pussy while holding her brothers cock in the other hand, the fingers of her right hand slipping in and out of the dripping hole between her thighs, the hole still filled with Lee’s cum from about thirty minuets before when he had fucked her.

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