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Pale Suikachan Hirotta. - Touhou project Venezolana

(例大祭9) [ENJOY MIX (伽藍快)] 萃香ちゃん拾った。 (東方Project) [英訳]


Characters: Suika ibuki (47)
Languages: Translated English
Categories: Doujinshi
16 pages - Uploaded
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#105425 - You're kidding, right, Becky said incredulously to her best friend Dana!?! I'm telling you the truth, Dana said with a giggle, just take a look at this, as she shoved the tape into the VCR and hit the play button!!! Both girls stared at the screen while waiting for the first images to come to appear, which turned out to be part of a bedroom!!! See, Dana whispered, there's dad, he's gettin' into bed!!! They watched a little longer and Becky offered, He's just reading a book, Dana, this is soooooo exciting, I don't think I can stand it!!! Just keep your shirt on, Dana admonished, the good part's coming up pretty soon, now!!! Becky was about to come back with a sharp retort, when on the screen, Dana's mother walked into view, and she was totally naked!!! Holy smokes, Becky said under her breath, your mom's got huge boobs!!! Just wait, Dana said excitedly, and watch what my dad does!!! The sound wasn't the great

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Kanako watanabe
What a goddamn waste of server space this useless hentai is
I want to suck her toes and lick her feet so badly