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#219727 - AGHHHHHHHHHH… My orgasm exploding and my body jerking against his thrusts my juices spurting down his shaft and down my thighs I started crying like a child with the exhilaration and the absolute fulfillment of the orgasm this beast had given me. He didn’t disappoint me he began thrusting withdrawing every inch of him and plunging hard back into me, I was in heaven, I was moaning like a bitch in heat and he was loving it. Clit being sucked furiously and the other head against my cunt lips, I FELT IT! AGHHHH! SHIT he was inside me; he’d slipped past my outer cunt lips and was now deep inside my pussy his tongue flicking the inside of my vulva and wriggling around rapidly as his mate sucked on my clit.

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