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#386106 - She tried focusing on the TV show that was playing on the TV, but her mind kept drifting back to Anna's diary, and strangely enough the drawing she saw inside it. She felt a little nervous as to what kind of contents could be hidden inside, since Anna must have deliberately placed it there so it wouldn't be easily noticed by anyone opening the closet. A metal bar of a sort was located near the top, that was a bit more than two feet long and had cuffs attached to each side of it, as well two more near the middle of the bar.

Read Gay Domination フェミナイザー ~ナメてたオタクが実がヤバい奴だった話~ - Original Family Roleplay フェミナイザー ~ナメてたオタクが実がヤバい奴だった話~

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Thank you kiss
Helena blavatsky
Cute toy i have one like it but purple