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#219044 - But that 1 foot jap wasnt going to be bridged. He then said not you im taking you I said who He said i want to take you to sain   I said sweet an all exPENISes paid trip to spain   We ran gaily back to his house to talk more about the plans ahead   the first problem was that the local airport had been closed recently ad the closest airport was 5 fucking hours away which was retarded. His real name is ben, but he thinks that name makes him sound gay   As i met him he had the gayest smile i had ever seen ad i asked what was wrong and he said that he had won tickets for 2 to spain and all the expenses were paid   I said omg wow rotfl! Who you taking with you and he said you   I looked at him with disapointment and said, i didnt know you liked that chinease girl in our physics lectures.

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Ellen kurokawa
Sounds like al lot of chicken
Chihiro fujimi
Seriously how is that possible and where does it all go