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#408082 - Just the thought of having Lisa suck my cock was so taboo my cock exploded in Jackie’s mouth, shooting stream after stream of my hot cum down her throat, she tried to swallow it all but failed, and it was dribbling down her chin and all over my cock. A couple of years back she used to get credit, but then she knocked me for 200, I’m not the sort of guy who gets heavy with women, so I dropped the debt, but told her, from now on its cash on the nose, no cash, no dope. One of my customers Jackie, she was 28, long blonde hair, really slim, she used to have a body to die for, but that was before she had Lisa, Lisa she used to call me uncle Pete, she was a good kid, she was a miniature of her mum, her dad had never been there, he left when he found out Jackie was pregnant.

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Mikoto misaka
They definitely do heroin anybody notice the random spoon in the nasty ass junk drawer though lmao
That orgasm is so intense