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#304351 - Something about the football jersey she wore starts to bother him, but he just can’t understand why, with a shrug he goes back down to the den, where Andy is playing a wrestling game. They come down into the den to greet the boys and after chatting about this and that they go upstairs to get changed and to start supper. Andy looks up when Joe enters “Man what kept you so long? I was starting to think I need to come pry you from the toilet with a crow bar” Joe shrugs “It seems like you have to wait a bit longer, Maryse asked me to go help her with her PC quickly” Andy looks flabbergasted “You’re joking right?” Joe shakes his head “No I’m not, she even used this…” Joe makes a funny imitation of Maryse’s puppy dog eyes which makes Andy burst out laughing “OK, OK you go help her, I’ll just get another game to play while you’re busy” Joe nods and turns back to walk up the stairs to Maryse’s room, the door is slightly ajar and he pushes it slowly open.

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