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#186546 - At first it did't go well as it's interrupted by her walls of jaw ,but as he start giving more and more pressure it's start getting into the intended place ,deep inside her throat pipes ,meantime her tongue inside start rolling against his prick giving it a nice massage ,soon he start sensing building up lotion inside his balls . She try to dislodge her attacker even with binded hand by maneuvering her body but Selim for now holding her down strongly by her chest ,enough to turn any of her attempt useless ,sooner her body goes on spasm as her feet extended in hope of getting hold of anything ,her tongue came out in a hope of getting any more air which also bring the large amount of droll and foam from inside which start rolling towards left. He look at her ,he enjoys the rolled eye of dead woman infront ,any other person might think that her eye rolled on pleasure of orgasm if they don't know that backstory .

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