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#387421 - Now come over here, and hand me the oil. ” I had wanted to smell him and feel his skin for days; I needed the feel and taste of him to block out…everything else that had happened. But my reasons for wanting to use it were different; I would lie in bed at night, tempted by how easy it would be to sneak out and crawl into bed with him…or surprise him when he came home… I unlocked the door and put the key back; Paul had been having coffee at the kitchen table, but he’d obviously heard me come in, and had just gotten up.

Read Nurse [Rindou] Miko·Aragami Mitsuru [Chinese] | 巫女·荒神光流 [退魔大叔汉化] Clit Miko·Aragami Mitsuru| 巫女·荒神光流

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