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#357060 - Tammy finaly gets to her room witch was just right dowen the hall from here brothers but with as horny as she was it seemed like miles as soon as she closed her doore behinde her she striped of f her close like there was no tomorowe and spraweld out onto her bed she couldent stop thanking about here brothers cock thanking of his cock she starts to play with one of her nippels thats so hard it feels like a rock she slowly starts to slide her hand down her body curesing every part of skin she could as her hand traveld dowen she got even weter. She started to teas her pussy by just barly tuching it then moving her hand away then she slowly started to rub her clit up and dowen pully her lips up and dowen with her free hand. Tammy looks around one more time then decides to look under her brothers bed as she starts looking under her brothers bed his blanket falls off Tammy gets up to put her brother blanket back on him as she starts to cover up her brother she relizes that he is com

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