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#190517 - I sat down and began eating my lunch, wondering why Mr K wanted to see me, of all the teachers, he was the only one that didn’t seem to like me, I was the “Teachers Pet” for most lessons but in English he seemed to think of me as equal to everyone else, though I suppose that’s his job, not to be shown to like one student more than others, and with his 17 years of experience as a teacher in this school alone, it was clear he enjoyed what he did, and was good at it. At Lunch time I went up to his room, I walked in to an odd smell, it was somehow familiar, a chemical I had once smelt in the chemistry lab perhaps, Mr K didn’t seem to be in the room, “Sir?” I called, he walked out of the closet; every class room had a walk in closet which the teacher kept all their books in, though Mr K’s was always surprisingly empty, except for one cardboard box. Her breasts are huge, she has a fantastic figure and her face is just unexplainably beautiful.

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