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#32962 - It was then Josh dropped a bombshell her, if she wanted a ride to L. Although she had an adequate supply of water the realization that she was stranded alone in the desert with no way to contact anyone for help left her feeling more than a little afraid! Three hours later and still not one solitary sole and the heat was becoming unbearable! Now her water supply had dwindled drastically as Marie had drank too much of it earlier in the day so now she now was seriously thinking about dying in the desert all alone!!! Just when it looked the bleakest, out of the east Marie heard the definite sound of a engine! She stood up and craned her neck hoping to get a first glimpse of the on coming vehicle. Let's ask Josh, it's his van, answered Luke.

Read Step A.N.T.R. - King of fighters Men A.N.T.R.

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That would be amazing
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Lmao nice vid bro you should post them prom pics as well would be dope
What their names