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#425609 - Markus may have been over weight, balding but he was quite an amusing story teller, it was then he informed me that the reason he took me off Jeremy’s hands was because l had been love-hole pumped and that was his favourite way of fucking a swollen man-pussy at that point the wine began to go through me so said l was going for a wee, Markus wanted to come with me to watch l didn’t mind and showed me to a bathroom. Resting my head on his inner thigh his limp cock only inches from my mouth a drip of spunk formed at the tip of Markus’s cock l wiped it off with my finger then sucked my finger clean, Markus run his hand over my head and began telling me that l don’t have to clean the house because he has a Polish house keeper called Mrs Swakye who lived in the village, but will have to clean my own room and cook the meals which didn’t seem too bad, l asked about some of my belongings from my old flat Markus said he will have Jeremy send them, l crawled my way up his body and kissed him har

Read Bathroom [Tsubaki Jushirou] Ane Megane - spectacled sister Ch. 1-3 [English] [MegaFagget] [Digital] She Ane Megane3

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