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#118376 - Do you let his shoot into your mouth, you cocksucker? Oh yes, she hissed through clenched teeth! Out of the corner of her eye she saw that Kimmy had sat down on so old boxes and had shucked her jeans and panties and was fingering her own cunt! God, thought Frannie, Kimmy has the hairiest pussy!!! Anne Fischer must have seen her looking at Kimmy because she then told her to Go eat her, you little whore! Leading a transfixed Frannie by the arm, the next thing she knew was that her own tongue was sliding up and down the crack of her best friend! Suck her cunt bitch! Frannie was now lost in a sexual haze! Her mouth on a hot cunt and her ass up in the air ready to be taken! After about three minutes of hard sucking Kimmy arched her back and creamed her pussy all over Frannie's face! God it tasted good! When she looked around, Frannie saw Anne Fischer taking off her own clothes. She had a small but firm chest with very pointy nipples and a narrow waist that spread out to

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My roommate went to school with her