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#310961 - I layed in bed Lisa laying on my chest I was already planning the future of how I would make as much use of my sister as I could. A little later I felt I was ready to blow my load and grabbed her head holding her still as I unload my seed right into her stomach. Alright little sister I want you to get down on your knees and beg your master to suck his dick I said as she quickly obeyed falling to her knees looking up to me please master may I suck your dick and let me taste all his power ? She begged with a true look of lust in her eyes as I simply nodded , she quickly got between my legs and started to suck like a pro as I look down at her with joy and pleasure I sat there enjoying my little sisters mouth pleasuring my cock until the phone rang and she stopped as I looked who the caller was and it was out mother ! I smilled and picked up the phone while I signalled Lisa to continue the blowjob she waited for a few seconds but soon got back to her job as I answered the phone

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