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#136451 - Putting down Steffi's file, the doctor picked up and opened Ginger's file and asked her the same question, and got the same answer. Winslow, now directly in front of the two girls said, Now it's time to show each other that you're not alone in this, so each one of you, please take off all of your clothing! Again both girls looked at each other, and with red faces?, stood up and began stripping, and while each girl had a penis, from all outward appearances they were totally female, both with pretty faces, full bosoms, and feminine hips! When they were finally down to their bras and panties, Dr. Winslow continued, then I guess we can get right to it!!! You both know why you're here, and I hope we can help you get yourselves straightened out, the doctor said, it won't be easy, but if we all work together I think we can get the job done! You ca?n say one thing, the doctor went on, you're both in very exclusive company, as less the one tenth

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