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#241503 - I encouraged each child to practice those few words and then got Rosies &Jane,s children to do them for me, with this done my plan was near completion. Now to set the trap in motion, I went to Jane,s house about three am,and disconnected the fuel line on her car, I new that her husband was away in Australia on business for at least another five weeks,and that the children took the Bus to school, so when Jane & Rosie were due to go to there Excersise morning I new the car would not go very far,as luck would have it, ,they broke down outside my house,. I briefy spoke to Rosie,and asked her out for a date, her reply was I don,t go out with old men like you, I like younger ones with a surplus of energy, great I thought,they both can insult me.

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Tamaki tamada
Que buena cogida
Joey wheeler
Better not get rid hee
How long do i bake a potato for
I miss her so much man
Atsuya fubuki
You really are a naughty bitch yeeeeahhhh x