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#271661 - She was not making a big thing about it but suddenly his penis started to swell and as I watched it went hard and stood out from his body and I had never seen anything like it as he went red, obviously very embarrassed as it waived about and seemed to dance out of control. A rather large white haired fat man came in and the other two froze for a second or two until he beamed and said what a prize they had found and relaxed and grinning then they advanced on him and while the big man held him the other two quickly had his shorts and underpants round his ankles and were at his genitals. My brother went first and was on his own and then it was a grinning and very happy looking uncle that said it was my turn, going with me though and spending twice as long as he usually did looking at me and carefully washing me all over and taking what seemed like an age to part my slit and make sure it was dry, telling me it was a lot nicer now we were on our own.

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