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#129083 - Nah, i came down on a train today but im goin back later, i said, What? she said looking shocked, You cant go back now, its nearly eleven, why dont you stay here? i choked on my drink as she spoke, At the hotel? i gasped regaining my breath, there was no way i could afford to stay at a hotel, No stupid, you could stay with us, we've got a spare bed right? she asked turning to amber, Spare bed, yeah right, she mumbled, as dumbstruck as i was, No, i couldn't possibly, i've got no clothes and i'd need permission, i said, Nonsense, i can get you some clothes tommorrow, and who would you need permission from? she asked, rummaging through her bag, pulling out a phone. i started, What were you gonna say earlier? Well, i was saying that, i'd never given a handjob, but, she added quickly, I'd love to learn how, she whispered eroticly. luckily i shot my wad in one go and none of it hit the floor.

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