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#290492 - I never realised how much I would enjoy this! The slippery lubrication of my own pre-cum between our bodies, the feeling of his still slightly swollen (and even now, much larger) organ between us, and the taste of his cum, cleaned from his face, were all now too much for me. Before he could clean the cum from his eyes, I now began licking his face, savouring the slightly bitter but salty taste of his cum, as I gently washed his face with my tongue and he grimaced, half in fun and half in torment at what I was doing. Time seemed to slow down as my hand felt the tell-tale throbbing in his organ as his cum erupted from his tool and shot down in a long stream across his face.

Read Gay Medic Oogetsuhime no Yama 丨 大宜都比賣之山 Chaturbate Oogetsuhime no Yama 丨 大宜都比賣之山

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