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#220570 - October 3 Dear Diary, Kim here and glad to be back at Tech, it was a really nice visit back home in St. Louis, Betty Sue and I have been doing a lot more soft kissing, and it's been wonderful!!! Lips together, nipples touching, and a finger in a vagina, I call that heaven!!! Both of us have firm but very pliable breasts, so when we press them together the sensation is incredible!!! I just love seeing Betty Sue walking without her bra on, c-cup and not a hint of sag, just a nice little bounce that makes me so wet, and I think that only another female can appreciate how nice it is to feel your boobs jiggle when you walk!!! We watched television and fingered each other to three or four orgasms each, while also taking turns licking and sucking each others breasts!!! Well, it's time to close off now, I have the bestest roomie in the whole wide world, and I think I hear her calling me to bed right now, sorry diary, I can't miss that, good by!!! THE END.

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Kyouko shirafuji
You re perfect omg what a lucky guy
Moe ishizu
Smart girl
Haruka takagi
Love your hentais amazing