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#12765 - He smiled and asked if I had a place close by, I told him that I had an apartment about 15 minutes away, he asked if we could all go there and enjoy a drink, and I said sure, that would be great!! I was maybe half way through my beer at this point, and he just alright, let’s go, and he and his wife started headin for the door, I set my beer down and immediately followed!! Out in the parking lot, we identified each other’s cars, and they followed me to my place. It didn’t take long and she gave me slight wave to come over. She then just leaned in and took my cock in her mouth and began giving me an incredible blowjob, while he watched and stroked, she commented on how amazing, big, and sexy my cock was, it didn’t take long, and I blew my first of many loads, which she took and swallowed, she smiled, and said, Mmmmm, I hope there’s more where that came from… then got her hubby off the sofa and laid him on the floor, and on all fours began sucking his cock, she looked back at me, saw

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Rena ryuuguu
Hate when they label hentais anal and its not
Tenchi masaki
This is amazing made me horny
Kuubo seiki
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