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#370032 - Jay picked out knickers and bra from my collection and went to his bedroom then called me in, he was laying on the bed with his legs apart and told me to fuck him like l used to do. Later Jay got Dawn to pose in some of my collection of knickers before going home and that was when Jay told his sister to let me fuck her again, she left there with a very full belly of hot sticky creamy cum, l moved in with Jay, his sister Dawn was very loyal to her brother, she would only let me fuck her when he told her, l did try many times when he wasn’t there but l always got a ‘no’ from her. Watching Jay fuck his sister got my cock so hard l moved in for a closer look at his cock wedged deep in her rear hole, l started to play with her wobbling tits as they sway one way then the other caused by Jay’s hard thrusts, Jay said softly he was near to cumin and slid his cock from Dawn’s arse hole to ram it into her wet dripping hole, before fucking her pussy Jay told me to kneel in front of Dawn then tol

Read Family Taboo Kyoushi Hitori, Seito Hitori. - Original Alone Kyoushi Hitori, Seito Hitori.

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That dumb girl used the sharp side of the knife to scrape the cutting board
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